All Strings Attached

Some of you may be the first in your family to play an instrument. Some of you may be the next in a long line of family musicians. Regardless, you have made the important decision to participate in and support a crucial program. Music education is a unique learning opportunity which not only creates an outlet for personal artistic expression, but also brings together people of different backgrounds, interests, and academic strengths.

Several school districts are increasing funding for music education, encouraging students in 3rd and 4th grade to begin band or orchestra. This is in recognition that music increases test scores and is good for children!

We’d like to share with you the following quick thoughts about why music is important!

** Studies have shown that musical involvement aids and enhances scientific and mathematical reasoning skills.

** Music is shared between every culture and generation, opening the door for communication across many barriers.

** By passing on the orchestral tradition and repertoire, as well as creating new music, we preserve and create part of a greater historical tradition.

** The physical and mental discipline, coordination of fingers-arm-hands and facial muscles, and daily practice are all part of a continuing physical education.

** Lastly, music is art. Through musical education, students learn to express themselves and understand the expression of others. Anger, sadness, and joy are all a part of the greater human experience, and we explore this through music.

No one needs to major in music to be a part of it. This is something that can be practiced for your whole life. Even though its not always fun, not always easy, and not always convenient, a serious music education will be a continuingly beneficial part of your life.

All Strings Attached